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  • Fr Ripperger

    Fr Ripperger teaches on a right understanding of Pentecost according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

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    Fr Relyea 1

    Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea on the infallible teaching that salvation is only in the Catholic Church

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  • Dr Sanford 1

    Dr. John Sanford, inventor of the gene gun, says Evolution is not scientifically possible! (Part 1)

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    Dr Sanford 2

    Dr. Sanford actually shows how the exact opposite of Evolution (entropy) is occurring genetically. (Part 2)

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  • Demo Image

    Watch Protestant Ray Comfort do what every Catholic should be doing: exposing the Evolution myth

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    Demo Image

    And here is a real Catholic apologist exposing "The Negative Impact of Evolution on Medical Research"

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Youcat Recall

Subscribe Join us in respectfully asking Pope Francis that he re-examine YouCat (a new youth catechism) in light of the clear doctrinal errors and misleading information contained therein.

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